Short Story Exhibited at Immigration Museum

I have a short story featuring in the Immigration Museum's upcoming exhibition, "Becoming You: An Incomplete Guide". The Museum will be open to the public from Monday 16th November. The story, entitled Behind The Frosted Glass Door, charts the different paths from childhood to adolescence taken by myself and my sister. It was originally written … Continue reading Short Story Exhibited at Immigration Museum

Pandemic Poem #13 / Caterpillar Children

Who knew it was so damned hard to write a sonnet? Caterpillar ChildrenBeyond the tent the dark is quickeningMy caterpillar children weave cocoonsThe candlelight makes shadows flickeringAnd shadows dance across the canvas roomKangaroos make percussion with their feetThe eucalypts whisper their windy songMy father’s ukulele strums the beatAnd laughing kookaburras sing alongGrandad’s voice and mine … Continue reading Pandemic Poem #13 / Caterpillar Children

Pandemic Poem #12 / Cabinet Limerick

In the long-running tradition of writing limericks in a tent when on holidays with my Dad comes today’s poem. Since as long I can remember, my family have played with words and music for fun. This is everything from making up limericks, to changing the words of a favourite song, to creating a half-hour long … Continue reading Pandemic Poem #12 / Cabinet Limerick

Flashback Friday – On The Same Frequency

I had such a good time recently on air on The Arts Program on 99.9 Voice FM as a guest presenter, that I'll be doing it semi-regularly. Sitting in the studio is always a beautifully nostalgic place for me, because it takes me back to my formative years and reminds me of how connected I … Continue reading Flashback Friday – On The Same Frequency

As Pretty As Flowers And As Funny As A Clown – Thoughts on Mother’s Day.

In the past I've been very against Mother's Day. The marketing machine dictating that mothers like all things fluffy, pink and scented annoys me. It's a cop-out to give the woman who you should really know very well a off-the-shelf on a certain day of the year for doing a job and maintaining a relationship that … Continue reading As Pretty As Flowers And As Funny As A Clown – Thoughts on Mother’s Day.

Flashback Friday – Poem – “Mistress of The House”

This poem about my Nanna, who passed away in October 2016, was written shortly afterwards. It was then part of the Minerva Speaks project in March 2017. A performer read the poem as Minerva from the highest balcony of the Ballaarat Mechanics Institute while audience stood in the Titanic Bandstand and listened to the live … Continue reading Flashback Friday – Poem – “Mistress of The House”

Starting School

Yesterday, my eldest child started school. I’ve been counting down for five years until this moment. I thought I would skip off merrily after dropping him on the first day, and with a big sigh of relief have myself a mid-morning cocktail and a rest. I was sure I wouldn't cry. But there I was … Continue reading Starting School

Christmas Is Now

I hope everyone had a good day yesterday although I'm aware that this is absolutely not "the most wonderful time of the year" for a lot of people. And despite my attempted avoidance of all things Christmas (see my previous blog post), I did end up opening presents under a tree with my children at … Continue reading Christmas Is Now

I Wish I Was Boycotting Xmas.

I wish I was boycotting Christmas, but I can't. I've threatened to "go bush" over Xmas for a few years now (both metaphorically and literally). This year, I naively thought I might really do it. No tree, no presents, no family, no food, no cakes, no carols. I was all for being the biggest Scrooge-Grinch … Continue reading I Wish I Was Boycotting Xmas.