Pandemic Poem #54 / The News Is Good

I’m in regional Victoria so we’ll be out of lockdown tomorrow. Unfortunately my body doesn’t know the difference between good changes and bad ones. The News Is Good my lungs are permanently inflatedand I’m ready to run staking out the high groundmeerkat movementsmy eyes playing dartsphone filling with silent alarmsklaxons resoundingI heard, I already heardI … Continue reading Pandemic Poem #54 / The News Is Good

Pandemic Poem #52 / Free Fall

Today, I feel fragile and have been using writing and art to calm me. This poem comes from how I described the panic attack to my mother. Last night at about 1am I had a panic attack. It’s not the first time I’ve experienced it, so I was able to recognise it and call for … Continue reading Pandemic Poem #52 / Free Fall

Starting School

Yesterday, my eldest child started school. I’ve been counting down for five years until this moment. I thought I would skip off merrily after dropping him on the first day, and with a big sigh of relief have myself a mid-morning cocktail and a rest. I was sure I wouldn't cry. But there I was … Continue reading Starting School