Full Length. Drama. Cast of 3 (F).

Marion Doyle is morally opposed to Jennifer Young’s campaign against the wind turbines next to her family farm, but if she convinces her mother that staying on the farm is dangerous to her health, she might finally be able to have the mother-daughter relationship she always wanted.


Full Length. Drama. Cast of 6 min / 16 max (M&F).

Hollow is a moving human drama, based on the true story of Daylesford’s Three Lost Children of 1867. The play focuses on the mother’s experience of grief and the machinations of the extended public search for the boys. Exploring the themes of power and grief, it is ultimately a story about hollow promises.


Full Length. Absurdist Physical Comedy. Cast of 6.

Life in the Admiral’s fleet seems sunny until the Captain’s ship springs a leak. What ensues is a farcical debacle of mismanagement, miscommunication and mischief as the Captain’s rag-tag team try to convince their egotistical master that action must be taken. The Leak is a pun-tastic, satirical, rollicking physical comedy for all the family.


One Act. Dark Comedy. Cast of 4 (2M 2F).

When Real Estate agent Tash deduces that Wilks’ girlfriend is a live-in guest at the house he shares with best mate Ben, the mens’ slob-bachelor lifestyle is ruined. Ben decides to play a prank on Tash to get his comeuppance, but at what cost to her?

TRAvels with my black dog

Co-written by Bjorn Worpel

One Act. Comedy. Cast of 2.

Just a man in his van with only his black dog for company. What will it take to stop him running away from life? In celebrating the special bond between man and dog, Travels With My Black Dog aims to provide the audience with a truthful and sincere portrayal of a person living with depression.

the belly dancer

Co-written by Jacob Honeychurch.

One Act. Drama. Cast of 3 (2F 1M).

Having moved away from home to live with her boyfriend, Sophie is searching for connection. She forms a close friendship with her neighbour Rubina, a woman who is also alone. But Sophie’s boyfriend David is a young man full of fear, and in fighting for control over changes in their lives, David’s choices play out in dangerous, and unfortunately familiar, ways.

my father’s tattoo

10 min Short. Drama. Cast of 6 (4F 2M).

Dad is recovering from a body transplant and budding teenage investigative journalist Sasha must find out where the body has come from. But when she secretly photographs her father’s barcode tattoo and posts it on the internet, the lead she gets puts her in dangerous territory.

hume v Hovell

10 min Short. Comedy. Cast of 5.

1824. Hamilton Hume and William Hovell set out to find an inland route from Sydney to Port Phillip. Considered a fine match, the two headstrong men become bitter enemies along the way.

swaddling song

Monologue. Drama.

July 1841. In the artist’s studio at the Gould Residence, London, a heavily pregnant Elizabeth Gould wakes in the pre-dawn and wanders into her studio. While trying to work, she is distracted by reminiscences of her husband, the famous naturalist John Gould, their time in Australia, her experiences as a mother and her fears and hopes for the future.

the pregnant body

Monologue. Comedy.

A medical professor gives a lecture about the pregnant body, examining each section and giving advice on changes the body will experience, and how to handle the woman it unfortunately belongs to.

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