I am a Ballarat-based arts management professional and independent theatre producer, with a creative practice in poetry, playwriting and directing for the stage.

My writing is informed by my own life and the daily experiences of those close to me, and those who I am inspired by. My work is a conduit for telling personal or local stories that teach, inspire, and ignite debate. I use the poetic form and my blog as word catharsis – in an attempt to process my experiences and my feelings about those experiences, I write.

The values that are most important to me are:
Balance.  My life’s work is not my life.
Drive.  I have a vision and I manifest it.
Audacity.  I take creative risks and create opportunities where none exist.
Roots.  I dig where I stand, and leave a legacy.

Watch my videos to understand more about how my values influence my creative practice and my life.