“An inkling of an idea at the start of the night developed gradually into a whole plethora of possibilities and ideas and opportunities.”  

Workshop Participant

“Real-life, practical advice on exactly what you need to do to get started writing.”

Workshop Participant

“Inspirational and enjoyable experience that has prompted me to work harder.”

Workshop Participant

Upcoming Workshops
11 May – Speak Up! in Dereel 
13 July – Short Play In A Day in Dereel

From Page To Stage: Dramaturgy For Actors & Directors
1/2 day workshop (3 hours)
Employ a process of dramaturgy to build the world of the play around the text and characters. Tips and tricks to reading a play, analysing the text and interrogating place, time and character.

Own The Room: Skills For Directors
1/2 day workshop (3 hours)
Build a unique concept for a production by employing a process of dramaturgy to analyse the script to gather ideas for your own vision of the play. Understand the role of the director in planning your production from audition to opening night. Learn about different ways to run auditions and work with actors in rehearsal.

Short Play In A Day: Play Writing workshop
Full Day workshop (6 hours)
Get that awesome idea for a play out of your head and onto paper! Follow a simple 8 step narrative structure to build your story and learn how to analyse and edit your writing from a dramaturgical viewpoint. Participants will choose an idea to work through the writing process and have a concept sketch, a narrative outline and some scene content created by the end of the workshop.

Speak Up: Spoken Word Workshop
2 hour workshop
Gain confidence when presenting aloud to an audience. Using your original writing or a variety of existing texts – including poetry, informal prose, dramatic monologue and political speeches – explore structure, dynamics and rhythm in the delivery of your text and learn techniques to engage your audience.