Pandemic Poem #49 / Just Mum

Lockdown number 4 for Victoria and I'm breathing new life into my Pandemic Poetry series, out of necessity more than anything else. It was always a series that was born out of catharsis and this lockdown has hit me particularly hard. Thank goodness for poetry. Just Mum The day-by-day invitational commentary play-by-play draws me away … Continue reading Pandemic Poem #49 / Just Mum

Victorious Words From The Pandemic / Mon 5th Oct

On Monday 5th October, I'll be reading some of my Pandemic Poems as well as some other writer's poetry as part of the Melbourne Writer's Theatre's "Victorious" online event. Melbourne Writers Theatre Presents‘VICTORIOUS – Words from the Pandemic’The Second and Final seriesMonday 5th October @ 7pm on Zoom All MWT members, their friends and families … Continue reading Victorious Words From The Pandemic / Mon 5th Oct

Pandemic Poetry #39 / Connection

I've been intrigued by the weird thing that happens to language when the connection on zoom is lagging. Things speed up, slow down and skip and jolt. I thought it would make for an interesting poem, and I was right. It's espeically disconcerting if read aloud. Connection Can you hear me?Yes?I’ll begin by by e e … Continue reading Pandemic Poetry #39 / Connection