Words at Smythesdale Arts & Music Fiesta / Sun 7 Feb

I’m featuring at the second Smythesdale Arts & Music Fiesta, and this time I’m bringing my Words Out Loud friends with me! I also get to play with some musical collaboration in a day of artsy joy for the whole community.

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Pandemic Poem #7 / The Last Thing I’ll Do

I’m overjoyed at the new look of my office which now features two works by local artist Lynne Makings. The pieces were part of a series of seven works inspired by my poem ‘Familiar Traits’, made as part of the Soldiers Hill Artist Collective – SHAC and Words Out Loud ekphrastic exhibition They Are Us. Unfortunately the exhibition had to close early for obvious reasons, but it lives on forever, on a little piece of my wall.

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I Can’t Get Enough of Spoken Word

I’ve fallen in love with spoken word. I’m not so interested in acting anymore, but I really enjoy the feeling of performing poetry aloud. Being able to read the poetry I write aloud enables an additional level of catharsis, and being a thespian at heart means most of my poems are best experienced as spoken word, rather than read off the page.

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Now you can hear me read poetry


After many months of unavailability on Thursday nights, I was finally able to go along to the monthly spoken word event Words Out Loud. I closed the night with three of my poems – “Light Pollution”, “Add Smile, Hit Send”, and “Here, Nights”.

You can hear my performance via the Words Out Loud Website.  Please ignore the nervousness in my voice and the fumbling over words as I try to decipher my own handwriting. Next time I’ll rehearse!

You can read “Light Pollution”and “Add Smile, Hit Send”, for yourself as part of my NaPoWriMo collection.

And put next month’s WOL in your dairy. Thursday 21st June at 7pm in The Printers Room.