Hear me read poetry – WOL 15th Nov!

I'm chuffed to have been asked to preview my poem for the Weathering The Future project at this month's Words Out Loud in Ballarat. If you can't make it, they usually record the session and post it on the Words Out Loud website. If you can't wait that long, you can hear me read (very … Continue reading Hear me read poetry – WOL 15th Nov!

Flashback Friday – Poem “Pram Pusher”

I don't know exactly when I wrote this poem, but it would've been sometime when my son was still an infant. It's quite weird to read it back and be taken back into the anger and frustration I felt about becoming a mother. Almost five years later, I sold my double pram to a new mum … Continue reading Flashback Friday – Poem “Pram Pusher”

We have lift off!

I’m really excited to have been invited to be part of this cross-art form project. I recently met with artist Liz Winter and viewed her still unfinished painting, which is inspiring me to write a poem.

Keep up to date with the project via the Weathering The Future blog.

Sample of a selection of art from Weathering the Future

Progress report 2: The first stage of the project has been completed, with the Soldiers Hill Artist Collective members having made their work available. Each of the 19 artists has had at least one piece paired with an eager writer — 23 all up — to use as a springboard into their own vision of ‘weathering the future’.

The writers were drawn by lottery at a gettogether where the art, varied in form and subject matter, was available for perusal. The next time the work is brought together will be in December for the actual show.

Here is a list of the artists who have contributed + their associated writers.

Cliff Adeney + Brooke Vogt
Jannine Bennett + Gavin McGrath
Judith Bryce + Christopher Cody
Maria Cook + Melissa Watts
Kate Cullinan + Rebecca Fletcher
Lorraine Hoddle #1 + Steve Paulsen
Lorraine Hoddle #2 + Troy Platt
Magda Kazmierczak +…

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Flashback Friday – Poem “Strong Vessel”

A year ago I was right in the middle of the Leadership Ballarat & Western Region Leaders Forum. We were preparing for our trip to Canberra and we used Shakespeare as a text to practice powerful public speaking with the fabulous Bryce Ives. I was blown away by the courage and creativity shown by everyone … Continue reading Flashback Friday – Poem “Strong Vessel”

Word Catharsis — Why I Write Poetry

Ballarat Writers

I recently attempted the National Poetry Writing Month challenge. NaPoWriMo is an annual project in which participating poets attempt to write a poem a day for the month of April. The http://napowrimo.net/ website is owned and operated by Maureen Thorson, a poet living in Washington DC, but the challenge is now undertaken by poets from across the globe.

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Now you can hear me read poetry

After many months of unavailability on Thursday nights, I was finally able to go along to the monthly spoken word event Words Out Loud. I closed the night with three of my poems - "Light Pollution", "Add Smile, Hit Send", and "Here, Nights". You can hear my performance via the Words Out Loud Website.  Please … Continue reading Now you can hear me read poetry

Flashback Friday – Poem “Another Day To Be A Mother”

I wrote this poem last year, on Mother's Day. I think it's pretty self explanatory. I still feel the same way. Another Day To Be A Mother A day like any other Another day to be a mother Work it mumma Never rest Til your good is standard And your better makes you a bitch … Continue reading Flashback Friday – Poem “Another Day To Be A Mother”