Dirty Thirty Day 2 / The Blank Page

Every April, The Dirty Thirty runs a month-long poetry challenge over on Facebook. I definitely did not do a poem every day in April but I did write a couple of new poems thanks to their daily prompts. Here’s day two. The prompt to to describe the process of filling some kind of blank slate, and let the final image be revealed at the end.

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Pandemic Poem #48 / New Shit

I’d hoped that I might get to 50 pandemic poems in 2020. It feels like a nice place to stop. This second to last poem is one for the poets. As restrictions have eased and there are in-person events to get to. I’m finding the new language of the online poetry spaces is bleeding into the real world and it’s kind of awkward.

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Pandemic Poem #28 / To Be Human

This poem was created at the culmination of many weeks of lock-down, remote learning, not having any time away from my kids, missing being able to celebrate my birthday with friends, and having my ex around a lot to “visit” the kids. I drove away and sat in a carpark watching the sunset and balling my eyes out. Then I came home and wrote this.

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