Flashback Friday – Poem “Strong Vessel”

A year ago I was right in the middle of the Leadership Ballarat & Western Region Leaders Forum. We were preparing for our trip to Canberra and we used Shakespeare as a text to practice powerful public speaking with the fabulous Bryce Ives. I was blown away by the courage and creativity shown by everyone … Continue reading Flashback Friday – Poem “Strong Vessel”

On Conflict

Have you ever had that weird effect when you're lying in bed and you can feel yourself floating up in a sort of out-of-body experience, but simultaneously you can feel yourself sinking down into the earth? And you're not sure if you're as big as the sky or you're just a tiny particle of sand. … Continue reading On Conflict

NaPoWriMo half-way check in

I've been trying and failing to write a poem a day in April. As you can see from my collection, there is a week or so where I was too preoccupied with the Creswick Theatre Company season of The Sum of Us to write poetry. Anyway, here's yesterday's effort. Read it aloud for maximum effect. … Continue reading NaPoWriMo half-way check in

Flashback Friday – Poem “Boy and Cat”

Around this time last year, I wrote a poetic portrait of my son and our kitten. Both have shed their baby looks since April 2017. And they are more used to each other now, him less heavy handed and her more patient. Boy and Cat She's just a tiny baby cat Our Mishka So like … Continue reading Flashback Friday – Poem “Boy and Cat”

Dear Dickheads – an open letter to shut your mouths

I have two children - aged 4 and 2. We exist in the world, just doing our thing, being a parent and being kids. But on an almost daily basis I encounter many people who can only be described as complete dickheads. So I collected our experiences and wrote this letter. If you don't like … Continue reading Dear Dickheads – an open letter to shut your mouths

A time for sadness – reflecting on the Hollow project.

It will be over three months since Tripwire Theatre Inc. transformed the Daylesford Town Hall for the world premiere of Hollow when the production returns - this time as a full-length screening of the footage from the show. As the playwright and director, the Hollow project has sat with me for over 2 years - … Continue reading A time for sadness – reflecting on the Hollow project.