Pandemic Poem #38 / On Second Thought

I went to the shops on the weekend. It was horrible. So I wrote a haiku. The big blinds in my loungeroom are continually breaking and falling down, so the owners (my parents) decided to replace them with curtains. Mum and I went to the shops and a lot of other people seemed to have … Continue reading Pandemic Poem #38 / On Second Thought

Pandemic Poem #37 / Unmasked Smile

I had the idea for this poem when I met up with my friend Nell Jeandet before this lockdown, but after the masks became mandatory. I hadn't seen her in months, and the only glimpse I got of her face, smiling, was as she drove her car away. I keep returning to the haiku form, … Continue reading Pandemic Poem #37 / Unmasked Smile

Pandemic Poem #31 / Pivoting

Isn't it funny how we get some new words, or new meanings for old words when something big is going down. This poem is a play on one such word. It's also yet another haiku, this time a double. PivotingUnable to danceThe future a melodyWe don’t know steps to We keep pivotingLike we’re all wearing … Continue reading Pandemic Poem #31 / Pivoting

Pandemic Poem #3 / End Of Days Soundtrack

A series of haiku for you today, and a stupid photo of me and Leon. End of Days SoundtrackHe said he was scaredI told him I was scared tooWhat could we do but Cancel everythingThe panic overwhelms meI silently cry I can’t let him seeI must be the warriorThat he thinks I am End of … Continue reading Pandemic Poem #3 / End Of Days Soundtrack