Little gigs in funny places / Dec-Feb

Poet Megan J Riedl & Songstress Amie Brulee are taking their creative camaraderie all around Ballarat this Summer. In this series of six short outdoor concerts, they’ll sing great songs, read great poems, tell interesting tales, ask creative questions and have a whole lot of fun with you in some unconventional surroundings. Can you find … Continue reading Little gigs in funny places / Dec-Feb

Pandemic Poem #31 / Pivoting

Isn't it funny how we get some new words, or new meanings for old words when something big is going down. This poem is a play on one such word. It's also yet another haiku, this time a double. PivotingUnable to danceThe future a melodyWe don’t know steps to We keep pivotingLike we’re all wearing … Continue reading Pandemic Poem #31 / Pivoting

Pandemic Poem #27 / Circuit Work

This poem was an idea I had while walking in the rain but didn't get expanded until I signed up for Random Co-Lab, a Ballarat based initiative for creative collaboration between strangers. My random collaborator was Louise Hartnell who made a video, and I experimented with layering of audio. Circuit WorkFocus on my heart (beat)And … Continue reading Pandemic Poem #27 / Circuit Work

Pandemic Poem #26 / Yearning

This poem has an interesting history. It eventually became the poem used in Yearning, a creative covid response by Yum Stuido, commissioned by City of Ballarat. The initial discussions between filmmaker Erin McCusky and myself in response to the brief brought up themes of longing, community and hope. The commission asked the question “what kind … Continue reading Pandemic Poem #26 / Yearning