In the last few years I’ve become serious about making my creative practice a sustainable part of my life. The life of a creator is all about the hustle and that can be exhausting! Often I have to juggle between paid employment and working in my creative practice for an unknown financial reward. Not to mention, I’m also a single mum. It won’t be long before I am no longer eligible for parenting payment and the last thing I want to do is shelve my creative practice for a “real job”.

Your support means that I can afford to take the time to work on writing new poems, attending spoken word events or making videos, entering poetry competitions or submitting for publications, writing plays or directing theatre.

If you’re a cheerleader in the arts and want to see my creative practice thrive, then I invite you to join my Patreon community. With different tiers to suit your budget, support me while getting access to exclusive news and behind the scenes content.

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