Current & Upcoming Projects

Penance, by Sara Jarrold (Staged Reading) – Director
Sunday 27 October 2019 Sara Jarrold

The Carer, by Alan Hopgood – Director
November 2019 Hobo Playhouse

Medea, by Euripides – Director
September/October 2019 Ballarat National Theatre

Theatre Credits

Act Like A Girl (Monologues) – Director
April 2019 Ballarat National Theatre

The Belly Dancer  – Co-Writer, Producer
March 2019 Tripwire Theatre Inc.

The Let-Down Reflex (Solo, Script Development) – Writer, Director & Producer
January 2019 Megan J Riedl

The Sum of Us, by David Stevens – Director
April 2018 Creswick Theatre Company

Two Men, One Frypan – Writer
March 2018   Bendigo Theatre Company

Hollow – Writer, Director & Producer
June 2017    Tripwire Theatre Inc.

Travels with My Black Dog Co-Writer, Director, Producer
January 2017  Tripwire Theatre Inc

The Let-Down Reflex (3 Hander) – Writer, Performer, Producer
August 2016    Tripwire Theatre Inc.

A Postcard from My Black Dog – Writer, Director
March 2016    Bendigo Theatre Company

Symphony Treno per Pendolari – Writer
March 2016      Bendigo Theatre Company

And The Big Men Fly – Performer
August 2014    Synchronicity Performing Arts

Shifting Perspectives – Writer, Director, Producer
2006    Inner Melbourne VET Cluster

Can I Live Tomorrow? – Writer, Performer, Producer
2004    4Play Ensemble


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‘The Sum of Us’ was fantastic! All involved in this production should be congratulated on bringing such a professional show to Creswick.

Kim Johnson

‘The Sum of Us’ at Creswick Theatre Company, was a fabulous surprise! Good cast, well acted and knew their lines! An excellent night out! This was amateur theatre at its best!

Sandy Campbell

‘Hollow’ was such a superbly designed and produced project to celebrate our rich Goldfields history in such a historic and high profile fashion. Your audiences were captivated and your cast and crew were truly inspired by your creative leadership that did not miss a single detail.

David Mark Farrington

Congratulations on the sensitive and touching approach taken with “Hollow”. The roles were also perfectly cast.  The despair and sadness of the two mothers really touched my heart. I found myself trying and not succeeding, to hold back the tears more than once.

Jennifer Jones, Three Lost Children of Daylesford Facebook Page

I wanted to let you how much I enjoyed the performance of “Travels with My Black Dog” at the Botanic Gardens on the weekend. It was a funny, sweet, well acted piece that made you think about the issues of mental health and dogs in general. I really enjoyed it!

Brad Creme, Curator Bendigo Botanic Gardens

I am certain “Travels with My Black Dog” would have made a difference to many people’s lives. It certainly made my day as it is encouraging to see others taking on the challenge of raising awareness of mental illness. A very tricky subject, but you nailed it.

Jill Osborn

It was simply brilliant! Got me right in the feels, as art should! “Travels with My Black Dog” was so good! I’m still teary and happy. Theatre is the best! Feeling very privileged right now.

Kate Drury

The script was powerful and the play built beautifully. The climax was intense and very real. This is a terrific play, highly topical, well acted and a very powerful play. Thanks for the opportunity to experience “The Belly Dancer” and best wishes for the future.

Jeff Jones & Rob Townsend, Hobo Playhouse

“Powerful and poignant performance by the cast of “The Belly Dancer”. Congratulations on a well written and directed play.”

Suzy Sainovski, Independent Film Director

“I was absolutely blown away by the power of the ‘The Belly Dancer’. It was really a pleasure to meet such passionate and talented social change makers!”

Jane Bligh, Senior Manager, Prevention and Development, Centre for Non-Violence.

“Each and every performance in ‘Act Like A Girl’ was unique, and each monologue maintained its powerfulness, and gained a fierceness that only a woman could bring.”

Kelly-Louise Austin