Weathering The Future


We never knew what we were looking for, but it wasn’t this.

Weathering The Future
Presented by Words Out Loud & Soldier’s Hill Arts Collective
Backspace Gallery, Ballarat December 2018.

An ekphrastic view of the future through art, words and music.

I viewed Elizabeth Winter’s artwork ‘Entymology I and II’ and wrote a poem based on my response to the artist’s work.


We never knew what we were asking for, but it wasn’t this.
A field of flowers, our petals folded closed, turned sour and asking
Why a civilisation was built from our sugar-coated hearts without our consent?
Our butterfly-winged fragility the keystone that holds up the whole damned hive.
Yes, queens, beloved for being the world’s mothers,
Or else make us gilded-lily whores, opening the slit of our figs
For sunlight and the chance of pollination, if not love.
Drones collecting our nectar as another mark on their bedpost.
What happens when the pretty-enough peonies choose not to bloom?
Six-sided sweet nothings begin to break
Bread-winning bees first swarm, then sting, then perish en masse;
All of us terrified of living on other side of the metamorphosis.

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