Travels With My Black Dog


Just a man in a van with only his black dog for company. What will it take to stop him running away from life?

Travels with My Black Dog, By Megan J Riedl & Bjorn Worpel
Produced by Tripwire Theatre Inc
Outdoor venues in Smythesdale, Bendigo, Heathcote, Ballarat & Buninyong 19-22 January 2017
Directed by Megan J Riedl & Bjorn Worpel
Starring Katrina Hill & Adam Roche.

In celebrating the special bond between man and dog, Travels With My Black Dog aims to provide the audience with a truthful and sincere portrayal of a person living with mental illness. The work aims to acknowledge the stigma that is often faced by those who have depression and struggle to maintain a support network.

The play is based on Megan’s personal story of living with a loved one who experiences depression. Inspiration also came from another relative who lives and travels with a dog as companion.

Travels With My Black Dog is a two-person comedic work, designed for performance in outdoor spaces. The tour used a real VW Campervan as the set piece. Actors portraying the man and his dog use energetic, physical theatre. Boisterous scenes are balanced by insightful monologue and genuine warmth between the two friends.

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