They Are Us


Who needs self-discovery when I can see where I begin and end, nestled in the branches of an ever widening tree.

Words Out Loud has again collaborated with Soldiers Hill Artist Collective on an ekphrastic exhibition.

Twenty writers from the Central Highlands of Victoria have been tapped to write pieces of poetry and flash fiction on the theme of “They Are Us”. These written works will then be responded to in visual media by the SHAC artist.

My piece was entitled ‘Familiar Traits’ and was a celebration of the strong links I have to my family.

The artworks that were made based on my words were seven pieces of papers work by Lynne Makings, entitled ‘Lineage 1-7’. Lynne spoke of how she wanted to represent the colours and shapes of the DNA which is passed on through generations. The seven frames represent my two sets of grandparents, my parent and the final frame hung on its own is me.

The exhibition will run at the Mercure Ballarat Hotel and Convention Centre from 23 February to 5 April 2020.

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