The Mistress of The House

February 2020 / October 2016

All the ferns and camellias are still adorning her front door

But the mistress of the house is there no more

I wrote this poem in memory of my Nanna, Ruth Evelyn Clarke, in the days after she passed away in October 2016.

Mum, Nanna and me, around 2005.

In March 2017, it was performed by Marg Dobson from the balcony of the Ballaraat Mechanic’s Institute as part of the literary performance project ‘Minerva Speaks‘, produced by Lynden Nicholls.

My Nanna’s house was sold in January 2020, and I was able to visit the empty house and film some footage prior to the keys being handed to the new owners, which I then edited into a poetry video.

I have a lot of love left to give my Nanna but she is no longer here to receive it. I am grateful that I can channel my grief into writing and art. 

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