The Let Down Reflex (3 Hander)

About the Production

Written by Megan J Riedl.

Three parents meet in a cafe to share their experiences – good and not so good – of life with children. At times a biting satire, and others a vehicle for emotive storytelling, The Let-Down Reflex is a non-naturalistic performance that explores how parents constantly find their reality falls short of society’s unfairly optimistic expectations surrounding pregnancy, breastfeeding and parenthood.

Past Presentations

Performed in Bendigo, Ballarat, Kyneton & Anglesea in August & September 2016.

  • Directed by Alise Amarant
  • Original Music By Bill Elder
  • Performed by Megan Riedl, Sharon Newth & Bjorn Worpel.

Nominated for Best Australian Play, Best Director and Best Male Actor at the 2016 Kyneton One Act Play Festival.

“There was some great writing and some funny and thought-provoking moments”.

“A great comic play with ‘the pregnant body’. Good use of pointer stick – object-comedy, yay!”

“The non-naturalistic style enabled the actors to show a fluidity of character. The moments presented were very funny by also really poignant””This performance was powerful and the message was concise and right on point.”

“Thoroughly enjoyed the show! Loved the way your three distinct acting styles meshed together beautifully.”

“Thankyou and congratulations!! It was brilliant… I look forward to seeing what comes next!”

“Well Done! I really liked the overlapping stories too.”

“Thanks for a great show. Very entertaining, really enjoyed the writing …almost lyrical in its delivery. Congrats to all.”

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