The Leak (Reading)

JANUARY 2020 / APRIL 2019

He thought he had everything to gain. Little did he know, he had everything to lose.

The Leak, By Megan J Riedl

Reading presented by Cracked Actors Theatre
Albert Park 19 January 2020
Read by Simon Carroll, Sam Drew, Lisa Martin, Megan J Riedl and Emily Wilden.

Reading presented by Ballarat National Theatre
Ballarat Courthouse Theatre 28 April 2019
Read by John Bolger, Tim Harris, Lisa Hill, Elliott Gale and Sam Drew

Life in the Admiral’s fleet seems sunny until the Captain’s ship springs a leak. What ensues is a farcical debacle of mismanagement, miscommunication and mischief as the Captain’s rag-tag team try to convince their egotistical master that action must be taken. The Leak is a rollicking physical comedy for all the family. This pun-tastic satire explores what happens when management fails and nobody takes responsibility in a crisis. 

“A jaw droppingly perfect piece of modern absurdism. An all ages show that was brilliantly performed.”

– Matthew Richard Walsh, Cracked Actors.

Reading at Cracked Actors Theatre, Albert Park. January 19th 2020
Reading at Ballarat Courthouse Theatre 28 April 2019

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