The Ballarat Poetess

may 2023

An impossible time-bending collaboration between Megan J Riedl and Ellen Young, which traces the poetic legacy handed down in the title of The Ballarat Poetess.

A new work in progress, as part of the inaugural Seedpod Ballarat. I spent two weeks in residence in the Arts Incubator at 36 Camp Street Ballarat from May 1 – 13 to work on this solo Live Art piece, which combines spoken word, performance with an immersive participatory world.

Ellen Young was a poet writing at the heart of the political upheaval at Eureka and her works were “controversial, political, feminist and questioning the status quo”. Megan J Riedl is here, now, combining the personal and political with her own poetic voice.

My goal was to bring the written legacy of Ellen Young alive with spoken word and explore how this unique art form provides a vehicle of agency for women and a tool for social change.

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