Single White Female

2018/2020 & 2021

The next time I download a dating app,

I will think of it as a postbox

and I am a gift

Single White Female is a spoken word piece which contains a mash-up of two original works “The Message To My Lover” (2018) and “The Next Time I Download A Dating App” (2020) and a soundscape of phone and morse code effects.

It was the winning entry in 2021 Arts Queensland XYZ Prize for Innovation in Spoken Word, Australia’s only national spoken word prize. It was published by Melbourne Spoken Word in November 2021.

Upon winning, the judge, Anisa Nandaula said, “This entry was by far the most the most creative of all the poems. The merging of the two pieces fit beautifully into each other. The way she used the typing sound on an iPhone made me feel like I was going through the feelings with her. This award is about innovation in spoken word and pushing the boundaries and taking the listener to a place we have never been. She did that. It’s clear she put a lot of time and effort into the construction of this poem to find the best possible way to express herself.”

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