Circuit Work



Raising goose pimples on my skin

I dig in

I started composing this poem while walking in the rain during Victoria’s first Covid Lockdown.

In May 2020, I used it for a collaboration with Louise Hartnell, as part of Random Co-Lab, a Ballarat-based initiative which pairs random people together and gives them one week to make some kind of creative response. I wanted to experiment with layering of audio tracks and Louise made a little stop-motion video.

Then, the audio version was published on the Words Out Loud Ballarat podcast as part of the 2020 Melbourne Spoken Word Poetry Festival Online in July 2020.

I then made a new video during the second Lockdown, using my phone and the imovie app and it has been chosen as a Finalist in the Queensland Poetry Festival’s Film & Poetry Challenge.

The video premiered on QPF’s YouTube Channel on 26 November 2020, and voting for the people’s choice is open until 2nd December on QPF’s website.

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