Information for little gigs in funny places

info for 17th February – down the drain

With a complete disregard for their own personal safety, Megan & Amie will Go Down The Drain to find whatever it is you’ve dropped there.

We’re so excited for you to find us at our final Little Gig on Thursday! The Funny Place in question is the Specimen Vale Creek, Ballarat East!

Please note you will not be required to go down anything resembling a drain! We will be on the grass at all times.

Location Access:
Address: Specimen Vale South, near the corner of Chamberlain Street, Ballarat East.
We will meet on the grassy area on the north side of Specimen Vale Creek near the corner of Specimen Vale South and Chamberlain Street in Ballarat East.
There’s a footbridge over the drain opposite No.316 and plenty of parking there too.
The ground is quite flat – no steps, therefore accessible for wheels.
Please call us if you have issues finding us!

Time: The Gig will begin at 7.07pm and run for 40 minutes, no interval. Feel free to arrive early and stay late for picnicking and gossip.

Getting There by Car: Plenty of street parking is available.

Getting There by Public Transport: The Brown Hill Bus, departing the Curtis Street interchange (near BIg W) will get you to Queen street, with a 8 minute walk up Specimen Vale South.

Facilities: There unfortunately aren’t any toilets at our location.

Weather: The weather forecast is 25 degrees and partly cloudy. It’s Ballarat, and we’re outdoors so prepare for every eventuality!

What to Bring:

  • Evidence of up to date vaccination status.
  • Chair, picnic mat, blankets, cushions, banana lounge or other suitable seating of your choice!
  • Food and beverages to your liking (optional).

Other Exciting things: Megan & Amie will both have merch – books, CDs and other goodies – to sell.

VIP Information: If you’ve booked A VIP ticket, a chair and glass of wine, specially selected by Dr. Amie, will be awaiting you.

If you have any issues, please phone Megan 0429 933 106 or Amie 0408 350 932