i know what you want for xmas

You’ve been dreaming of finding one epic choose your own adventure poem all about Lockdown, in your stocking, right?

Well never fear, because I Know What You Did Last Lockdown is finally here!

It was a lot more time consuming that I anticipated, but I finally finished collating, editing and coding the COVID confessions into an interactive poem that you can really get lost in.

I used the platform called Twine and learnt a good many things along the way – the most important being I should really consider the amount of work something might be before I commit to it!

Nevertheless, it’s been a really cool project and one that I hope to be able to replicate in future (and much faster the second time around!) as part of community development or festivals.

Head over to my website to have a look and get lost in I Know What You Did Last Lockdown for yourself.

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