Pandemic Poem #49 / Just Mum

Lockdown number 4 for Victoria and I’m breathing new life into my Pandemic Poetry series, out of necessity more than anything else. It was always a series that was born out of catharsis and this lockdown has hit me particularly hard. Thank goodness for poetry.

Just Mum

The day-by-day invitational commentary play-by-play draws me away from myself
and into every moment

Mum, every moment

Knee-deep in dishes but TV series binges feed the need to be just me
when the pleading is needling

Mum, I just need
Mum, just

Hopefully only a short-haul but the four-walls are closing in
and I forgot to take out the bins again

But the question remains –

How long can I go without hearing myself being called by my name?

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