Dirty Thirty Day 25 / You But Me

I liked this prompt from The Dirty Thirty challenge but it took me a few days to write the poem. The prompt was to write an uplifting piece to your younger self.

I see you then
sitting on the edge of your dorm room bed
looking at a gallery of postcards and pictures
piecing together an identity on your wardrobe door
all you ever wanted was a mirror
and you didn’t know how to look at yourself with love

I see you later
crying in your boyfriends car
looking out the bleary-glassed window
wondering if you’ll always be a passenger
and you’re so afraid to learn to take the wheel

I see you right now
still a worrier
still a bed-sitting, tear-jerking control freak
but now I know
no matter what happens
no ones coming for you
but me

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