Dirty Thirty Day 23 / Zombified

It’s been a while since one of The Dirty Thirty prompts really clicked with me. This one was obvious – the zombie apocalypse is parenting in the school holidays of course.


I see my arms reaching out as I shuffle through the house
Groaning at the kids
There’s a dull ache in my skull cavity
Time was lost until midday when I finally woke up
Voices drifting through a speaker remind me of my humanity
I mash dead plants into the hole in my face
If that was lunch I’ve had it
My Nanna used to say that
Thank goodness she isn’t here to see the end of the world
The pile of clean clothes on my armchair renders me braindead
I keep sitting on the edges of beds, moaning
I wear sunglasses even though it’s overcast when I go to school
I don’t want the other parents to see my middle distance stare
My energy is served for dinner
After lights out I feel like my body has met with a cricket bat
My hair turns grey as I decay into my pillow
Maybe tomorrow I’ll wake up more alive

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