Playreading of Rental / Wed 9 Dec

I am workshopping a new short play and you’re invited to watch and provide feedback. The online reading will be proudly presented by Ballarat National Theatre.

RENTAL, by Megan J Riedl

Ben is a slob who lives the bachelor life with his best mate James (Wilks) Wilkinson. When Tash, their annoyingly perky, but secretly anxiety-riddled Real Estate agent, deduces that Wilks’ girlfriend Lindsey is a live-in guest, they joke about playing a prank on her at the next inspection. Wilks asks Lindsey to move in but she wants them to get their own place, and leave Ben to find his own way in life. Wilks doesn’t want to abandon his friend, but Ben’s new-found house pride (in preparation for the elaborate prank) makes Wilks think that Ben could indeed cope without him. The couple moves out and Ben, devastated by his friends’ betrayal, uses the prank on Tash to get his comeuppance, but at what cost to her?

Tim Harris as Ben
Ryan Tracey as Wilks
Emily Wilden as Lindsey
Hayley Beacham as Tash
and Ann Chadwick reading stage directions

Wednesday 9th December at 7.30pm.
Online via Zoom

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