Chatting about RISE, poetry, and donkeys with Fleassy Malay

Tonight I was honoured to spend an hour chatting with Fleassy Malay live on Facebook about my experiences in RISE, which is her flagship speaker training program. We talk about how transformative the program has been for both my poetry practice and my personal life, we play an improvisation game which results in us developing a donkey-based small business and I get to read a few poems.

It was super fun and you should not only watch it, but also definitely join RISE. The next round starts on November 23rd.

I have been involved in RISE for about a year now, and the work is – honestly – transformative. It’s helped me to get to where I am both personally and professionally, and I highly recommend it for anyone who feels like speaking from their heart (either publicly or in inter-personal relationships) is something they struggle with. It’s a cross between counseling, professional development and coming home to a supportive community of friends.

If you’re interested in joining the RISE community, and exploring how to speak from your authentic voice, now is your chance. Go to the Facebook event page or the Course portal to find out more about RISE and to sign up. Fleassy is generously offering discounts for anyone experiencing financial stress due to COVID.

Watch the live video here

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