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I’ve decided to focus on creating content for my website blog and my mailing list instead of social media. Why would I do that, you ask? There’s a few reasons.⁠

⁠1. Having multiple online platforms to manage is time-consuming and I have better things to do.⁠

2. I worked really hard on my website and I’d love you to visit it more often.⁠

3. Email marketing is more targeted and I can share my work directly with the people who really want to interact with me, not the whole wide world.⁠

4. Social media exists not to facilitate social connection, but to manipulate your behaviour on behalf of advertisers. The problems with social media are only getting worse. I watched the recent Netflix documentary The Social Dilemma and it confirmed what I’ve always known deep down – that social media is bad for us. So I’m taking action.

What can you expect from being on my mailing list?⁠
I won’t bombard you with emails. I hate that and I bet you do too. What I will do is send you the OCCASIONAL UPDATE ONLY when I have something important share like an exciting announcement or upcoming event.⁠

But what if you want to hear from me more often? Of course! You can sign up to be an INSIDER instead. This means you’ll get emails more often with content like new poems, old poems, videos of me reading poetry and musings on life, love and writing and some behind-the-scenes fun. You’ll also get early-bird invites and discount offers on tickets to events run by me.⁠

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