Pandemic Poems Are Back on The Blog

I have started the process of going back and posting all my pandemic poems right here on my blog. It’s going to take me a little while as it involves over 40 images to re-size and text to edit. The posts will be back-dated so you will be able to see them in the order they were written.

I started this series of poems in March, originally as an invitation to myself to write everyday during the pandemic. The idea was that writing would help me process all the complex emotions and thoughts around the pandemic. I haven’t written a poem every single day since then, but I have written over 40 Pandemic Poems.

I was posting them on my facebook and instagram, but with the future of my social media pages now uncertain, I have decided to post them here on my blog for prosperity.

You can either scroll through the blog and find a poem that speaks to you, or you click on the pandemic poems cateogory in the sidebar and find them all there.

I’m still committed to writing as many pandemic poems as I can until the pandemic is over (it could be years… I guess there’ll be a book in it in the end!)

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