Pandemic Poem #27 / Circuit Work

This poem was an idea I had while walking in the rain but didn’t get expanded until I signed up for Random Co-Lab, a Ballarat based initiative for creative collaboration between strangers.

My random collaborator was Louise Hartnell who made a video, and I experimented with layering of audio.

Circuit Work
Focus on my heart (beat)
And the sound of my pounding feet
Walking the well-trodden paths
Just circuit work
Making concentric circles out from my street
Desire lines cutting across the park
I never want to take the long way back
Tiny pebbles in my shoe
Uncomfortable like the cold rain
Cool change
Raising goose pimples on my skin
I dig in
The familiar self-talk
As comfortable as the daily walk
Thoughts like wet hair running through my fingers
I feel unprepared
The tears linger in the corner of my eyes
Until caught by the water from the sky


See the portfolio for more projects with this poem.

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