Pandemic Poem #16 / And The Award Goes To

The prompt from The Dirty Thirty Challenge was to write a thank you to an essential health worker. I, of course, choose to subvert this.

And the Award Goes To
I didn’t expect to get all this praise
I don’t do this job for the awards, obviously
Helping people is my reward
But it seems I’ve been deemed as essential
Which is such an honour
Considering growing up I really only ever felt
The equivalent to a nice hot cup of tea
So this award means a lot
I have a few people to thank
Firstly, my family
For encouraging me when I brought fallen hatchlings inside
For giving me baby dolls and barbie houses
For praising me for being caring, instead of smart
Dad, I was always your Princess
And I knew that meant I wasn’t strong enough to lead
But I was beautiful and kind enough to hold a man’s hand while he died
And Mum, for showing me that to be a woman is to be selfless
To the point of self-endangerment
You’re the reason I became a nurse
Thank you and goodnight

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