Pandemic Poem #15 / F**k Productivity

I challenged myself to write a poem a day during the pandemic. Maybe ‘invited myself’ is a better way to describe it. It’s not about being equally or more productive during lock-down. I’m not suddenly trying my hand at poetry now that I have ALL THIS FREE TIME. I’m kind of over seeing posts about ‘how there’s never been a better time to do some thing’. I’ve never felt less able to start new things.

My Pandemic Poetry series is a coping mechanism more than anything else. It’s a reminder to myself that writing is catharsis and the best way I know how to unwind, and unfurl all those feelings from the day. Words are my safe place.

I hope you’re finding your safe places too.

Fuck Productivity
Plan homeschool curriculum
Learn to play piano
Start making gourmet food
Work out how to service a bicycle
Train for a marathon
Crank out 1000 words a day
Hem up those pants
Read the complete works of anyone
Learn a new language
Build something out of wood
Master knitting

That bucket list
Can suck my dick
Because I’m curled up under a doona
Eating pasta and watching tv 
Trying not to cry
Modelling kindness to my kids
It’s ok to be not ok
None of this is normal
So fuck productivity
I’ll work when it’s over

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