Pandemic Poem #10 / Maybe It’s The Apocalypse

This Pandemic Poem felt like a spoken word piece right from the get go. So I made it a video.

Maybe It’s The Apocalypse
Maybe it’s the apocalypse
Economic collapse
Capitalism in its death throes
Down it goes and it’s taking some of us with it.
Golden handshakes spread pestilence
And the number of deaths on your conscience
Depends on which rich man you listened to
When you turned on the news.
How deep your dedication to free enterprise runs
Measures how surprised you’re allowed to be
At what’s to come.
“We didn’t realise so many people would die
Because we don’t see poor people”.
They just see the money
The carparks full at Bunnings
But the public libraries are closed
And you can smell the brimstone
The four horsemen are the leaders of the free world
And we’re free falling
But at least our hair is darling
Maybe it’s the apocalypse


Maybe it’s the new renaissance
When we discover our resilience
The resistance stop standing on roundabouts holding signs
And start standing in parliament
Because the existing Cabinet is infected by more than greed.
Compassion and kindness start growing like weeds
And we make art like our lives depend upon it
Because they do
Our door is shut but our heart is open
And the strings suspended on it
Hold us up
If we rise up, we’re taking everyone with us
Maybe it’s the apocalypse
But I’m ready for the afterlife

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