Pandemic Poem #9 / Princesses

Yesterday was a day when the words wouldn’t come. Sometimes you gotta let it fester overnight…

This is when I wish they didn’t tell us we were princesses
Because sometimes I still find myself waiting in a tower to be rescued
By rescued, I mean ‘I need saving from my own anger’
By saving, I mean ‘I need someone to acknowledge me’
By someone, I mean ‘someone else can be the princess for a while’
By princess, I mean ‘human being with flaws’
By flaws, I mean ‘not being able to be in a tower 24/7’
By tower, I mean ‘my own mind and the life I’ve constructed’
By constructed, I mean ‘found myself bricked in by’
By found myself, I mean ‘get a glimpse of myself in a mirror’
By glimpse, I mean ‘seeing the bits that are too obvious to hide’
By too obvious, I mean ‘what I can’t control and therefore hate’
By control, I mean ‘make someone else’s problem’
By someone, I mean ‘myself’
Because I’m the fairest of them all and there is no prince

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