Pandemic Poem #8 / Beacon

This piece was inspired by this moody image which was drawn for me by my cousin Ellen Clarke.

Don’t focus on the shadows
The black void in your periphery
It seems to be gaining density
Avoid its willful negativity
It will swallow you
And then you’re no good to anyone
And I need you to be good to me
To be good for a laugh
Good for a cuddle
Good news
Good vibes
I need you alive
And if you stay here in the black
It will overwhelm you
How will you find your way back
When you’re blind
And offtrack and you wind your way
Endlessly looping in thoughts of the worst kind
The worst things that might happen
The worst case scenarios
Worst day of your life
Worst news
Worst feeling
And I know when it surrounds you
You feel like it abounds
And there’s nothing the dark cannot touch
And it’s much too much to fight it
But yet, see this light
It shines despite the dark
And it’s brighter because of how dark the dark is
Just turn your head slightly
You’ll feel it’s warmth on your skin
Take my hand, come on
This tunnel we’re in
Has an end and I’m heading towards it
Steady, on course
It shines like a beacon
The future we’re seeking
Is not so far away

Ellen is a transformation coach and art therapist, you can find out more on her page Ellen May or her website.

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