Pandemic Poem #7 / The Last Thing I’ll Do

I’m overjoyed at the new look of my office which now features two works by local artist Lynne Makings. The pieces were part of a series of seven works inspired by my poem ‘Familiar Traits’, made as part of the Soldiers Hill Artist Collective – SHAC and Words Out Loud ekphrastic exhibition They Are Us. Unfortunately the exhibition had to close early for obvious reasons, but it lives on forever, on a little piece of my wall.

The Last Thing I’ll Do
The last thing I’ll do before lock down
Is pick up two works of art
I’ll take them from a doorstep
And replace them with an envelope full of cash
Straight from the ATM
Only touched by my sanitised hands
I will return to my home with two pieces of paper
With pieces of paper upon them
Two framed beauties made by a woman who read one of my poems
And this is what she thought my words looked like
I don’t know when I will see that woman again
But the last thing I’ll do before I log off each night
Is look at two works of art

You can find out more about Lynne and her work at her website

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