Pandemic Poem #4 / Hope Is A Reflex

Hope is such an interesting thing we do. I went into the shops today and saw only a few items were completely out of stock, compared to when I last went and there were mostly bare shelves. People were chatting and telling each other to have a great day.

What made you feel hopeful today?

Hope Is A Reflex
I am caught in that near-sleeping moment
When I am heavier than the bed
My consciousness sinks into my body
And my body bores through the earth
Like acid 
But I am also as light as air
My body floating up and away
A zeppelin untethered
Into the universe
The age of a star is but a moment
When I am all of space and time
And a moment is an age
When I’m building a home out of sand
Grain by grain
This is a painful paradox
Is enough to make me lie in bed forever
In limbo
But hope is a reflex 
Bringing me back to equilibrium
Automatically putting my arms out as I fall

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