Flashback Friday – Poem “Strong Vessel”

A year ago I was right in the middle of the Leadership Ballarat & Western Region Leaders Forum. We were preparing for our trip to Canberra and we used Shakespeare as a text to practice powerful public speaking with the fabulous Bryce Ives. I was blown away by the courage and creativity shown by everyone that night – it was the moment we truly became a team. After I went home, I wrote this ode in iambic pentameter.

Strong Vessel
A simple task by Ives set forth,
In Ballarat, where Leaders Forum meets,
Proves hearts will always conquer logic’s worth
And nerves will shake the ground from out our feet
When cheeks scarlet aglow with ashaméd fire,
A practiced few hold safety for the rest
And courage tamed makes courage lost inspiréd
By long night’s end all do trump the test
As weak do wicker strands strong basket make
Our stories weave together in bonds yet unknown
And like the unexpected warmth of cold-bloods snake
Each now knows the power of speaking truth’s own
Take our strong vessel forged in fear this night
And to Canberra our grounded feet take flight.

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