Flashback Friday – Poem “Another Day To Be A Mother”

I wrote this poem last year, on Mother’s Day. I think it’s pretty self explanatory. I still feel the same way.

Another Day To Be A Mother
A day like any other
Another day to be a mother
Work it mumma
Never rest
Til your good is standard
And your better makes you a bitch
Guilt-trippin with my two favourite kids
Mine own are tolerable
Usually fine
I love them but I don’t have to love it
This work
This mother-fuck-upping work
Of simply being mum
Keep it schtum
If we talked about the guilt and resentment
The absence of bliss
The lack of contentment
Who would write those blogs about all the things they never told you?
About how there’s no one to hold your hand
When you’re mother
Holding it down
You get on a twenty-year merry-go-round
That you’re only allowed to get off
On one day of the year
And what gets you off
Is prescribed to you in pink
About how your individual preferences got shot out of your cunt with the afterbirth
And was replaced by a floral-scented catalogue
And you’re supposed to be grateful
On this one day
And everyday graceful in your mother-ness
Everyday facade pink-painted mumma
Just another day to be a mother, Fuckers
14 May 2017

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