NaPoWriMo half-way check in

I’ve been trying and failing to write a poem a day in April. As you can see from my collection, there is a week or so where I was too preoccupied with the Creswick Theatre Company season of The Sum of Us to write poetry.

Anyway, here’s yesterday’s effort.

Read it aloud for maximum effect. If you’re in Ballarat and you’re into spoken word poetry and short stories, come along to the local monthly Words Out Loud this Thursday. I’m hoping to get along and actually read something to an audience.

Add Smile Hit Send (or, The Message To My Lover)
type it
delete it
retype it
delete it
hyped up
delete it
retype it again
compose it
dispose of it
recompose it
delete it
decompose it
delete it
defeated again
type it
despise it
retype it
analyse it
delete it
retire it
swipe it again
type it
remake it
type it
just fake it
type it
can’t take it
add smile hit send
15 April, 2018

Visit my NaPoWriMo page for all of my poems so far and NaPoWriMo’s official website for links to all the participants across the globe.

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