The Sum of Them – a thank you note to my parents on closing night.

I am currently sitting at my desk, drafting thank you notes to the cast of The Sum of Us – the fab four – in preparation for tonight. Being closing night, I have the equally awesome and awkward task of accepting thanks and accolades for a production well done and showering the cast and crew with the praise they deserve.

But the two people that enable this entire production to happen, and dedicated hours towards this show – the two people I most want to thank – never even stepped foot inside the theatre.

Playwright David Stevens tells us that “our children are only the sum of us, what we add up to”, and his beautifully crafted play celebrates and honors that most powerful relationship – and love – you’ll ever experience: the unconditional love between parents and their children.

The irony is not lost on me that my own parents have been the backbone of a production of such a play. Without them, I would not be here – not making theatre, not directing for Creswick Theatre Company, and not even on this earth.

My parents (you can call them Bill & Kathy, or Nan & Grandad, if you prefer) have spent two nights per week for the better part of three months at my house, minding my children, while I traipsed off to Creswick for rehearsals. They have designed a complicated plan of sleepovers to enable me to be at the theatre for the season. And they never complain. They never say no. They are never begrudging. They do it with love and pride and joy. The love of being grandparents and playing a vital role in the lives of my children, and enabling me to follow my passion of theatre-making.

Sorry you won’t get a bunch of flowers on closing night, Mum. And sorry your name isn’t in the program, Dad. But know that I appreciate your unwavering support. Know that my life, and the lives of my children, are undeniably enriched by your presence. Know that I do not underestimate the gift that you have given me – of never being able to ask too much of you.

I hope you are proud of what your seed has become.

Love always, Megan.

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