Flashback Friday – Poem “It Is Night”

I’ve got so many pieces of writing on my computer and in journals that have never seen the light of day, so I’ve decided to do a flashback Friday thing on my blog. Not every week, just when I think of it.

This poem was written sometime in 2007 or 2008, while I was living in Melbourne and studying at Deakin. I remember I was on the long train ride to my parents place in Kerang when I wrote it, and I was thinking about the inevitable dwindling of hope in unrequited love.It is Night

As the sun sets on me
I hear my heart’s a mess
A manifestation of my fading hope
Brightens my window
Glare calls for sunglasses
Rose-coloured, I guess
On the other side, a rainbow
Gives me little hope
How quickly the world turns dark
Even the train has turned cold and blue
But in the harsh reality of fluro
Everything seems clear
I won’t admit it – no
I don’t care what whispers in my ear
I can smell dust
Settling on the idea of you
Turning up in the seat next to me
How unexpectedly
I turn my back on this wretched setting sun
And refuse to believe it is night

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